We live in a time when creativity is at the forefront of effecting change. MEK partners with today’s leaders to transform tomorrow’s ideas into design that represents hope, progress and possibility.

Specialising in impact-led branding, strategic design and creative innovation, we develop unique outcomes that raise awareness and shift behaviours to drive new opportunities for growth and positive change.

Because now more than ever, people seek out brands that connect with them on a deeper level and align with their values.

We'll help you become one of them.

MEK: Armenian for One. One people. One planet.

Let’s do better together.



MEK was founded on the spirit of activism. We recognised the need for beautiful, unconventional design in the social and environmental impact space where brands lack the excitement, engagement and clarity needed to inspire people to take action. We also identified the need to challenge the outdated standards of the design industry that support the world’s most damaging corporations and no longer serve our collective hope for the future.

MEK exists to effect positive change by using design as a vessel of beauty and truth to imagine new possibilities and communicate the most important issues of our time. We strive to leave the world better than we found it, and have a responsibility to design change with transparency to help people make more informed choices, shaping better futures for all. 


MEK is led by:

Mirella Arapian, Founder & Creative Director
Nicolas Collerson, Art Director
Sarah Kingsley, Studio Manager

Along with a trusted network of creative collaborators, we’re an experienced, ambitious team of designers and activists constantly looking for new ways to do things differently, to be different, and to make a difference.


MEK is committed to nurturing an inclusive culture that’s safe and accessible, promotes and celebrates our diversity, supports creative ambition, and embraces the unique skills and experiences of our team. Our backgrounds are varied across LGBTQIA+, ethnic minority, neurodivergence and ESL. We’re proud to foster a values-led environment where everyone is seen and heard, and free to express their ideas and selves equally. 


Our values permeate everything we do—from how we treat each other and approach our work, to building partner relationships and a legacy we’re proud of.

Being open, honest, vulnerable, and creating work grounded in truth

Walking our talk, especially when no one’s looking

Showing care, compassion and kindness at all times

Taking responsibility for what we say and do

Ensuring no one is left behind

Going further together



2024   Mentor, Assisterhood
2023   Mentor, Assisterhood
2022   Judge, Vegan Brand Design of the Year, Antagonist
2018   Founder, Womentor
2017   Mentor, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)


2023   Finalist, Digital Design, Victorian Premier’s Design Awards
2019   Finalist, Design for Good, AGDA Awards


2024   Melbourne Design Week, Panel, Melbourne
2023   Assisterhood, Workshop Panel, Melbourne
2022   Melbourne Design Week, Panel, Melbourne
2022   Shillington Education, Folio Review, Melbourne
2021   AGDA, Folio Review, Melbourne
2020   Womentor, Hosted Event, Melbourne
2020   The Design Kids, Panel, Melbourne
2019   Never Not Creative, Panel, Melbourne
2019   Foundry Live, Keynote, Launceston
2019   The Design Conference, Host, Brisbane
2019   Sydney Design Festival, Keynote + Panel, Sydney
2019   The Design Kids, Panel, Melbourne
2018   Billy Blue College of Design, Folio Review, Melbourne
2018   Shillington Education, Guest Lecture, Melbourne
2018   The Design Kids, Keynote, Melbourne
2017   AGDA, Folio Review, Melbourne
2017   Billy Blue College of Design, Guest Lecture, Melbourne
2017   The Design Kids, Keynote, Melbourne
2017   Merri-bek Business Women’s Network, Keynote, Melbourne


2023   The Interviews, Volume 2, The Brand Identity, UK
2023   Mavens, Issue 2, AU
2022   Mavens, Issue 1, AU
2021   The Interviews, Volume 1, The Brand Identity, UK
2020   Activities for Children Impacted by War, Therapists for Armenia, USA
2017   The Process, The Brand Identity, UK
2016   Art Marks, Counter-Print, UK
2015   The Steidz, Issue 1, FR


2022  Up to Us: Bringing Women Together to Design the World We Want, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2022  Creative Sheroes: Women Driving Change
Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2018  Hot Lagoon Art Fair, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania


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