Mek (formerly Vertigo) is a purpose-driven design studio combining ethics, sustainability, and creativity into brands and experiences that benefit people and the planet.

As specialists in branding and design we help businesses and organisations build and improve brands, define and communicate values, engage people, and meet growing demands for social and environmental responsibility.

Because how we all live, work, and consume is no longer sustainable to the planet and its resources. Mek exists to effect change by inspiring people to make choices that shape a better tomorrow.

Mek: Armenian for ‘one’. One people. One planet. Join us.



Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Brand Communication
Brand Consulting
Brand Review
Brand Purpose
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
Sustainability Consulting

The Age
Bite Society
Creative Moreland
Design Matters
Edgar’s Mission
Melbourne International Film Festival
Moreland City Council
Museums Victoria
RMIT University
Sea Shepherd Australia
Victoria Government
WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature)

Mirella Arapian, Creative Director
Nicolas Collerson, Art Director
Sarah Kingsley, Studio Manager

Design for Good, AGDA Awards, 2019

Hot Lagoon Art Fair
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Bucharest, Romania, 2018

The Process, The Brand Identity, UK, 2017
Art Marks, Counter-Print, UK, 2016
A Future Without Frutiger, AU, 2016
The Steidz, Issue #1, FR, 2015

Womentor International Women’s Day, Melbourne, 2020
The Design Kids, Melbourne, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Never Not Creative, Melbourne, 2019
Foundry Live, Launceston, 2019
The Design Conference, Brisbane, 2019
Sydney Design Festival, Sydney, 2019
Shillington College, Melbourne, 2018
Australian Graphic Design Association, Melbourne, 2017
Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne, 2017
Moreland Business Women’s Network, Melbourne, 2017

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