Mek Supports First Peoples’ Voice to Parliament


At Mek, our passion for environmental justice and equitable representation extends beyond the realm of design. We fully support the YES campaign's vital mission to recognise and empower First Peoples through the establishment of a Voice in parliament, ensuring their rightful place in shaping the future of Australia.

As the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, First Peoples are the lifeblood of Australia's rich cultural heritage, and it’s essential their perspectives and aspirations are elevated and valued in decision-making processes. The YES campaign strives to address historical injustices and champion a more inclusive society grounded in mutual respect and understanding, and a Voice in parliament would provide a platform to influence policies and decisions that affect First Peoples’ culture, communities, lands and future.

Mek recognises the urgent need to address the systemic inequalities and injustices faced by First Peoples, and acknowledges that achieving genuine reconciliation requires meaningful engagement and action. The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum is about enshrining the Voice in the Constitution, and by advocating for a Voice to parliament we all can help create a future where Indigenous voices are not only acknowledged, but actively involved in shaping policies that impact their lives.

We invite individuals, companies and organisations who share our commitment to join us in supporting the YES campaign. Together we can foster a nation that truly embraces diversity, respects the cultural rights of its First Peoples, and ensures a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

For more info about the campaign and to pledge your support, please visit

Thank you to Reconciliation Victoria for its guidance and support with this statement.

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