2024   Mentor, Assisterhood
2023   Mentor, Assisterhood
2022   Judge, Vegan Brand Design of the Year, Antagonist
2018   Founder, Womentor
2017   Mentor, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

2023   Finalist, Digital Design, Victorian Premier’s Design Awards
2019   Finalist, Design for Good, AGDA Awards

2024   Melbourne Design Week, Panel, Melbourne
2024   Social Impact Meetup, Keynote, Melbourne
2023   Assisterhood, Workshop Panel, Melbourne
2022   Melbourne Design Week, Panel, Melbourne
2022   Shillington Education, Folio Review, Melbourne
2021   AGDA, Folio Review, Melbourne
2020   Womentor, Hosted Event, Melbourne
2020   The Design Kids, Panel, Melbourne
2019   Never Not Creative, Panel, Melbourne
2019   Foundry Live, Keynote, Launceston
2019   The Design Conference, Host, Brisbane
2019   Sydney Design Festival, Keynote + Panel, Sydney
2019   The Design Kids, Panel, Melbourne
2018   Billy Blue College of Design, Folio Review, Melbourne
2018   Shillington Education, Guest Lecture, Melbourne
2018   The Design Kids, Keynote, Melbourne
2017   AGDA, Folio Review, Melbourne
2017   Billy Blue College of Design, Guest Lecture, Melbourne
2017   The Design Kids, Keynote, Melbourne
2017   Merri-bek Business Women’s Network, Keynote, Melbourne

2023   The Interviews, Volume 2, The Brand Identity, UK
2023   Mavens, Issue 2, AU
2022   Mavens, Issue 1, AU
2021   The Interviews, Volume 1, The Brand Identity, UK
2020   Activities for Children Impacted by War, Therapists for Armenia, USA
2017   The Process, The Brand Identity, UK
2016   Art Marks, Counter-Print, UK
2015   The Steidz, Issue 1, FR

2022  Up to Us: Bringing Women Together to Design the World We Want, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2022  Creative Sheroes: Women Driving Change
Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2018  Hot Lagoon Art Fair, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

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