We offer specialised services to help you grow your brand across the 3 stages of change: 

Awareness ︎︎︎ Action ︎︎︎ Impact


From establishing your brand through impact-led strategy to designing a brand identity that empowers your team and engages the right people, we’ll help you build a future-ready brand that’s distinctive, purposeful, memorable, and best positioned to create a powerful brand presence.

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Brand Style Guides
• Brand Collateral
• Brand Audit
• Brand Sprints
• Brand Workshops
• Creative Direction
• Consultancy


Raising awareness to shift perceptions and catalyse behavioural change is achieved through unconventional creativity and storytelling. From attention to action we'll help you stand out, be heard, and inspire people to back your cause.

• Campaign Identity
• Campaign Naming
• Campaign Messaging
• Campaign Concept
• Campaign Materials
• Creative Direction


Creating positive change starts with innovative ideas and compelling narratives. We’ll help you communicate your vision for a better future with clarity and confidence to build resonance and transform your purpose into impact.

• Digital Design
• Web Design
• Sustainable Web Design
• Print Collateral
• Infographics
• Impact Reports
• Pitch Decks
• Social Content
• Packaging
• Website Audit
• Website Sustainability Audit
• Creative Direction
• Consultancy




Finding the right people who get you and what you do can feel overwhelming. As a purpose-led business we share aligned ethos to ensure our partnership with you involves working toward common goals. We come in as an extension of your team and ambassadors of your brand, working closely together with you or your in-house design team. Because the most rewarding, transformative work happens when like-minded people with a shared vision come together.


Transforming radical ideas into action that supports the future you want to create can be challenging. We bring fresh perspectives and creative innovation to help you communicate your vision by incorporating design, strategy and storytelling, informed by future possibilities that excite and inspire your audience and shift with their evolving needs and expectations.


Adapting to a rapidly changing market and societal challenges can be stressful. As an independent creative studio we work quickly and flexibly, and are adept at adjusting to change without the delays, hierarchy and costs associated with larger agencies. You’ll deal directly with the people working on your project—no accounts or middle management, just us. We get to know your brand inside out so we can adapt your communications and strategies to align with any shifts in your mission or offering in response to change; supporting consistency, relevancy and longevity.


With purpose as the latest trend, finding the right design partner who shares your ethos and genuinely cares about the change you're effecting in the world can be frustrating. With decades of experience in design and activism we know what it takes to stand out, build brand awareness and communicate messages with cut-through that attract attention and help your brand or cause be front of mind for the right people at the right time. Our work and ethos demonstrate a consistent commitment to social and environmental impact, so you can be confident we have the knowledge and experience to support your vision, regardless of your industry.


Investing your time and money into design can feel uncertain. We alleviate concerns and help mitigate risks with a proven track record of delivering successful projects through careful planning, a collaborative design process and transparent communication. Our commitment to building trust has consistently translated into client happiness and lasting partnerships, so you can rest assured your investment is in capable hands while you focus on doing more important things.

But don’t just take our word for it...

“I can’t imagine a better design team than MEK for a purpose-driven brand. MEK invested in establishing a genuine knowledge of what we wanted to change in the world and how we’re able to do it; to the extent that I would describe them as ambassadors of our cause.

The work that MEK produces for us is consistently effective and has elevated our communications and the presentation of our brand, fit for a global audience. We cherish our partnership with MEK and couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible work they deliver in the name of our mission.”



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