Mek specialises in strategy, identity and design to help forward-thinking companies and founders communicate their vision for a better future. Our impact-led approach pushes boundaries and challenges convention to imagine new ideas. We create compelling and innovative outcomes that resonate deeply with people and convey hope, progress and possibility. Our unwavering commitment to positive change ensures exceptional brand transformation to help our partners create lasting impact with measurable results.

Mek: Armenian for one. One people. One planet. Let’s do better together.

“I can’t imagine a better design team than Mek for a purpose-driven brand. Mek invested in establishing a genuine knowledge of what we wanted to change in the world and how we’re able to do it; to the extent that I would describe them as ambassadors of our cause.

The work that Mek produces for us is consistently effective and has elevated our communications and the presentation of our brand, fit for a global audience. We cherish our partnership with Mek and couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible work they deliver in the name of our mission.”

Robbie Neville, Founder, Revival Projects


We act as an extension of your team to transform your brand across the three stages of change: Awareness ︎︎︎ Action ︎︎︎ Impact


Brand Strategy
Vision & Mission
Purpose & Values
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Audit
Creative Direction


Design Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Design
Web Design
Sustainable Web Design
Print Design
Social Content
Website Audit
Website Sustainability Audit
Creative Direction


Mirella Arapian, Founder & Creative Director
Nicolas Collerson, Art Director
Sarah Kingsley, Studio Manager

Along with a trusted network of leading collaborators, Mek is an ambitious team of change makers constantly seeking new ways to do things differently, to be different, and to make a difference.




2024   Mentor, Assisterhood
2023   Mentor, Assisterhood
2022   Judge, Vegan Brand Design of the Year, Antagonist
2018   Founder, Womentor
2017   Mentor, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)


2023   Finalist, Digital Design, Victorian Premier’s Design Awards
2019   Finalist, Design for Good, AGDA Awards


2024   Panel, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne
2024   Keynote, Social Impact Meetup, Melbourne
2023   Panel, Assisterhood, Melbourne
2022   Panel, Melbourne Design Week,  Melbourne
2022   Folio Review, Shillington Education, Melbourne
2021   Folio Review, AGDA, Melbourne
2020   Hosted Event, Womentor, Melbourne
2020   Panel, The Design Kids, Melbourne
2019   Panel, Never Not Creative, Melbourne
2019   Keynote, Foundry Live, Launceston
2019   Host, The Design Conference, Brisbane
2019   Keynote + Panel, Sydney Design Festival, Sydney
2019   Panel, The Design Kids, Melbourne
2018   Folio Review, Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne
2018   Guest Lecture, Shillington Education, Melbourne
2018   Keynote, The Design Kids, Melbourne
2017   Folio Review, AGDA, Melbourne
2017   Guest Lecture, Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne
2017   Keynote, The Design Kids, Melbourne
2017   Keynote, Merri-bek Business Women’s Network, Melbourne


2023   The Interviews, Volume 2, The Brand Identity, UK
2023   Mavens, Issue 2, AU
2022   Mavens, Issue 1, AU
2021   The Interviews, Volume 1, The Brand Identity, UK
2020   Activities for Children Impacted by War, Therapists for Armenia, USA
2017   The Process, The Brand Identity, UK
2016   Art Marks, Counter-Print, UK
2015   The Steidz, Issue 1, FR


2022  Up to Us: Bringing Women Together to Design the World We Want, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2022  Creative Sheroes: Women Driving Change, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne

2018  Hot Lagoon Art Fair, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

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