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Protecting Marine Wildlife & Habitats

Sea Shepherd is a global conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of marine wildlife in the world’s oceans. It needed to raise further awareness of its campaigns and donations to fund them by amplifying its activities to new audiences.


Mek worked closely with Sea Shepherd Australia to design a digital media profile for potential corporate sponsors and investors to raise money and attention for ongoing direct action missions.


Underpinned by the organisation’s brand guidelines, we developed a clean, simplified design in contrast to its existing DIY activist aesthetic in order to appeal to corporate audiences. The design showcases the Sea Shepherd Australia’s powerful photography and amplifies its story of our friends in the ocean whose lives are at risk from poachers, illegal fishing and the climate emergency.


The digital profile enabled increased funding opportunities, successfully raising brand awareness, sponsorships, and donations, while reaching wider audiences in corporate industries. This was achieved by using design to transform and elevate the organisation’s communications with impactful digital media assets that convey information with clarity to make it easier for people to understand and engage with.

“Working with Mek has been a great experience, from the initial briefing stage to the final product. They have a great appreciation of the designer/client relationship, using their experience and expertise to transform challenges into inspiring solutions.

Our Mek design is a professional, quality outcome that exceeded our expectations, gained new sponsors and achieved our fundraising goals.”


Photography: Sea Shepherd Australia

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