Our guiding beliefs and values that define who we are, what we do (and don’t), and why we do it.



🌱 Mek is committed to the highest ethical standards and business practices with sensitivity and empathy toward social, cultural, animal, economic, and environmental issues.

 🌱 Mek only works with companies that treat employees, suppliers, customers, communities, and the environment fairly, respectfully, and responsibly.

🌱 Mek does not engage projects that involve single-use plastics, destruction of habitat, promotion of animal cruelty, or an adverse impact on people or the planet.



♻️ Mek is located in a solar powered premises created with the assistance of the Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

♻️ Mek partners with Carbon Positive Australia to plant 5 trees for each project we complete. Trees are planted in Australia to restore native habitats, recover forests affected by bushfires, combat climate change by capturing carbon, increase biodiversity, and improve water quality.

♻️ Mek’s studio materials are plastic free, cruelty free, recycled, biodegradable or compostable (where possible), and not tested on animals.

♻️ Mek regularly assesses its use of resources, materials, and processes in an effort to minimise impact and not cause unnecessary harm or waste. Our operations are continuously evaluated from an environmental perspective to further reduce emissions.

♻️ Mek only recommends sustainable solutions to clients across print, packaging, and spatial materials, partnering with trusted suppliers across the latest technologies and innovations for reducing waste and environmental impact.

*We acknowledge that absolute sustainability is impossible. To be truly sustainable, the world would need to cease all production and output immediately and use what already exists. We encourage progress over perfection.


🌏 As advocates for equality, diversity, and inclusion, we established and run Womentor, a global mentorship program for women in graphic design.

🌏 Each year Mek allocates time, profit, and resources to donate, rally, educate, petition, and lobby for important causes, and provide pro bono expertise and services to organisations creating positive change.

We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best. We want to work with people who are too.

If you’re looking to work with a design partner who shares your values and vision for a better tomorrow, contact us for a chat. We’d love to hear from you.

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