Veganuary 2021


After the absolute dumpster fire of 2020, let’s make 2021 the year of positive change. We’ve teamed up with Veganuary to invite you to try a plant-based diet next month.

Veganuary makes adopting a healthy, sustainable, plant-based diet easier than ever, and it’s totally free. For 31 days you’ll receive an email with all the support you need, along with:

✅  Daily hints and tips
🍔️  Meal plans and recipes
ℹ️  Info about the benefits of veganism for health, animals, and the planet
🌏️  Being part of a global community of like minded people

1 million people have already taken part, sparing the lives of 3.4 million animals, saving 6.2 million litres of water, and 103,840 tonnes of CO2eq.

Infographics: Veganuary

There’s never been a better and more important time to try a plant-based diet.

🐾  Animals
🌿  Environment
🌏  Planet
💊  Health
❤️️  Yourself

Not only is it simple and non-committal, you won’t need to deprive yourself of mouth-watering food like this:

These vegan burgers were made by the super talented Delightful Vegans (make sure to check out their site for easy delicious recipes here).

If you have any questions about veganism or vegan food, please do get in touch!

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