What Would the World Look Like at 3ºC Warming?


At MEK, our studio project for 2024 is a thought experiment that conceptualises what the world would look like at 3ºC warming and how humanity would need adapt to the challenges and harsh realities of the climate crisis.

To change the world we need to change the narrative and show what’s possible to help people imagine the future differently. So instead of communicating the impact of the climate emergency on a global scale to prevent further catastrophe, what if we approach it from a micro level and show people the personal impact of what life could look like in a 3ºC world, and what individual changes they’d need to make in their daily lives in order to survive?

How something is presented defines how people react to it. The current state of design and climate communications is confusing, ubiquitous, and doesn’t attract attention, let alone evoke emotion or inspire action... and when everything looks like everything else is it any wonder we switch off and don’t engage? And for something that's so crucial to the survival of our species, shouldn't we be doing better?

At MEK, we're aiming to change this by visualising our possible futures through creative innovation to communicate the potential impact of 3ºC across the following key areas:

  • Food Security
  • Health
  • Heatwaves
  • Flooding
  • Housing

We're looking to collaborate with visionaries in these sectors to help bring this project to life. If that’s you or someone you know, please get in touch for more info. We’d love to hear from you.

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