Victorian Premier’s Design Awards 2023


We’re proud and honoured to be a finalist in digital design in the 2023 Victorian Premier's Design Awards for our website’s sustainable design and pioneering case study on reducing website carbon emissions.

Our aim for publishing our case study is to inspire others, help fellow designers, studios and agencies to create low emission websites as a new service for clients looking to reduce their impact, and to help businesses transition to sustainable digital practices. See the case study︎︎︎

The result of this project was a reduction of our website’s carbon emissions by a massive 67%.

Check out our entry Reducing Website Carbon Emissions: Designing Digital Sustainability, and while you're there please be sure to have a look at the work of all the other finalists. We're in great company. Best of luck to everyone!

This website has been designed to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. See more︎︎︎

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