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Did you know that while social networks were down for 8 hours, 86,400,000 animals were killed for food1?

As a companion to the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement, the Plant-Based Treaty is a grassroots campaign designed to put food systems at the forefront of combating the climate crisis.

MEK endorses the Treaty because plant-based food systems must be prioritised at the forefront of change, abolishing the inhumane practices on the sentient beings we share our home with.

The world’s current food system is outdated, inequitable and at breaking point, and does not forge a sustainable path to the future. Eating plant-based (and more importantly, adopting a vegan lifestyle) will ensure measurable and rapid change the issues facing our survival as a species, and our non-human animal friends who are here with us, not for us.

The Treaty has 3 core principles:

1. Relinquish

Stop the problem increasing. No land use change, including deforestation, for animal agriculture.

2. Redirect

Promotion of plant based foods and active transition away from animal based food systems to plant based food systems.

3. Restore

Actively restore key ecosystems and reforest the earth.

The MEK team promotes plant-based diets and a vegan lifestyle through personal actions, animal advocacy, the causes we support and donate to, using our platforms to raise awareness, and not working with businesses and organisations that support animal agriculture, animal products, animal testing or animal cruelty.

We invite you to join us as an individual, business or organisation in endorsing the Plant-Based Treaty.

For more info and to sign up visit

1. Climate Save Movement

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