At MEK we've made the decision to implement a four-day work week, effective January 2023.

To us, our four-day work week will aim to:

• Support mental health
• Encourage personal development and exploration
• Expand our creativity and imagination
• Increase productivity
• Reduce emissions
• Facilitate more activism

A 9-5, five-day work week is one of many outdated constructs of the 20th century, and only having two days a week to squeeze in socialising, family time, house admin, life admin, grocery shopping, rest, hobbies, activities, volunteering, etc, isn't practical nor balanced in any way. It's time to leave behind the things that no longer work, because “We've always done it this way” is not only the most dangerous phrase in business, but in life.

As a highly organised and efficient team we believe the impact and transition this change will have to our operations will be minimal, and thankfully our clients have been supportive.

If you've been considering a four-day work week, here's a great article with research that backs up why it works:

Four-day week trial confirms working less increases wellbeing and productivity︎︎︎