Defending ancient Indigenous lands

To help raise awareness for the war on Artsakh and the resulting humanitarian and environmental crisis, we created a campaign of mixed media content for people to download, listen, distribute, and share. 

We designed an activism graphics pack containing print posters and flyers for urban areas and protests, Instagram posts and Stories, and phone wallpapers. The designs are based on the flag of the Republic of Artsakh and call for its international recognition, right to self-determination, and civilian peace.

Mek’s art director Nicolas wrote a drum and bass track called ‘Artsakh’ which samples the Yarkhushta, a traditional ceremonial martial folk dance of Western Armenia, along with the powerful words of Charlie Weimers, Swedish Member of the European Parliament, and Monte Melkonian, the iconic Armenian-American revolutionary.

︎︎︎ Download the activism pack (Dropbox)
︎︎︎ Stream ‘Artsakh’ (Soundcloud)
︎︎︎ Please donate to humanitarian aid in Artskah

Sound Design


Flag of the Republic of Artsakh