Supporting the physical and mental health of young men

The Pride is a community health centre based in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in physical, nutritional, mental, and social health for young men. Its name comes from the collective noun of lions that form social groups — in this context, a community where people come together to improve their physical health, receive mental health support, enjoy vegan food and recipes (with an upcoming eatery), and make new friends in a safe, supportive environment that’s ethical and sustainable.

Mek was engaged to create a brand identity, website, and awareness campaign to launch the organisation. The result is a visual representation of the brand’s foundation and values that has successfully attracted the right people to join the community and elevated the brand’s social impact.

Brand Identity Design
Digital Design
Print Design
Health & Fitness
Mental Health

#3: Good Health & Wellbeing

“Working with Mek has been a dream from start to finish. I chose Mek because their ethos and commitment to sustainability perfectly aligned with my own values, and I was not disappointed. They were so supportive from start to finish, making sure my vision was perfectly executed in my branding and design.”

Founder & Director

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