Changing a misleading symbol to change a leading system

In use by 130,000 companies and appearing on 460 billion packages each year, the Green Dot is the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded systems. It indicates a company has joined the Green Dot scheme and made a financial contribution, but not necessarily that its packaging is recyclable. The symbol adopts the same motif as the recycling symbol, which has led to confusion and widespread recycling contamination.

Mek was invited by the climate initiative TwoºCreative to redesign the Green Dot symbol. Our reimagining incorporates a green circle representing Earth and a white circle mapping Europe where the symbol is used. The symbol lacks ambiguity, making recognition and legibility quick and easy as a shorthand icon for people to understand, while being scalable and adaptable across materials from outdoor advertising to packaging. The boldness of the symbol is designed to attract attention and its simplicity builds recognition, allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions that contribute to change.

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