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Conserving Endangered Biodiversity in Australia

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) works in the field of wilderness preservation and reduction of human impact on the environment. Each year, the organisation faces the significant task of raising awareness of the world’s most endangered species and communicating their plight to a growing audience of people who preference the cutest and cuddliest animals.


Tasked with this challenge, we created a campaign to raise awareness of some of the most endangered animals in Australia. We designed a series of posters, postcards and an interactive mobile site. The designs feature a graphic representation of a physical characteristic unique to each animal, with information about their home, threats, numbers and status.


Because people tend to preference animals by their appearance, the campaign focuses on their unique colours and patterns to draw attention and raise awareness, calling for public donations to help preserve them.


The result is a bold and impactful design that stands out against the urban landscape of street posters and celebrates the uniqueness of each animal.

This campaign has successfully raised awareness of the endangered animals, particularly the Southern Corroboree frog whose numbers significantly declined after the 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires.

Photography: Harrison Warne, Animalia


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